Storefront – Terms & Conditions

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You must agree to the following conditions in order to register for and use a Stonehouse Storefront:

1) You’ll have 6 months from the time you register your new account until you are required to have a history of completed purchases tied to your storefront. Presumably you will have already collected monthly commission on your account.

2) You accept completely that commissions are paid out quarterly. The exact date may change but will generally fall within the last 10 days of the final month of the quarter.

3) We ask that you please have only 1 Storefront for each golf course. Please do not attempt to create a unique storefront for each hole on a course. If you do this, they will be deleted without notification.

4) If a sale you are expecting commission on is not completed and or the payment is declined or withdrawn, then you as the storefront owner agree to forfeit your commission or further compensations on this transaction only.

5) If we observe that a new account has been registered but the storefront had not been configured within 48 hours of registration, we reserve the right to remove said account entirely without notice. Please be mindful of configuring your new storefront within the first 48 hours or less to avoid deletion.

Configure your new account within 48 hours or risk deletion of account


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